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  • Cronologia di Firenze. In Italian. Basical usefull site that includes all hstorical events, small or large, which marks Florence and her contado.
  • From the site Storia di Firenze, town history official portal, the chronology. Less rich than the first one, but in some parts more "scholarly".

Bibliography :

  • la Maison au Moyen-Age. In French. Rich site with valuable references for better understanding the concepts and the structures of medieval architectures. Attention, it relates especially to France!
  • Bibliographie générale de Jean Mesqui, primarily on military construction. In French. Attention, it relates especially to France!

Patrimoine :

  • LIMEN Beni culturali. In Italian. This site traverses, alas sometimes very quickly, the florentine architecture key elements, underlining the conservation of urban inheritance. Very rich references to the towers, palates, streets of Florence.

Buildings catalog :

Architects and architecture :

Fortifications :

  • Torri e piazze. In Italian. School level site, describing the basic elements of the medieval fortifications.
  • Le mura di firenze. In Italian. Visual school level site, on the history of the enclosing walls of the city. Allows a good visualization of the successive city walls.
  • Another site about the successive enclosures of Florence.
Divers très bons articles sur Florence sur le site de Clio (en français) :
Various very good articles on Florence, in the Clio's association site (in French):
About the Torre Monalda precisely and the building of the Hotel Porta Rossa :
  • Baccio d'Agnolo in Vasari, in the dictionary of the architects. In Italian. Architect Bartolomeo d' Agnolo Baglioni (Firenze 1462-1543). Sculptor (intagliatore) on wood (choir of Santa Maria Novella; 1491-1496) then architect (Palazzo Taddei (1504), palazzo Borgherini, palazzo Bartolini (1517-1520) and the campanile of S. Spirito (1511) in Florence.
  • Giampaolo Trotta (to dir;), Gli antichi chiassi trà Ponte Vecchio e Santa Trinita, Messaggerie Toscane, 1992. In Italian. Very precise and invaluable work.
  • From the very good Giovanni Fanelli's site, Firenze médiévale, see the very usefull page I ponti e le Torri. In Italian.
  • On the Palais du Porta Rossa. In french.
  • Sur le Quartier du porta Rossa. En français.
  • Sur les Verrières du Porta Rossa. En français.

Historical Maps of Florence :

About Porta Rossa :